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OH&S, Safety &

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Manual Handling Training

Course Background

Under the NSW WHS Regulation 2011, an employer must ensure that each worker receives training that covers the following:

*       arrangements for managing OHS, including reporting hazards to management

*       workplace health and safety procedures relevant to the worker, including the use and maintenance of risk control measures

*       how workers can access health and safety information that the employer is required to make available.


Employers must ensure that any person who may be exposed to a risk to health and safety:

*       is informed of the risk

*       is provided with any information, instruction and training necessary to ensure the personís health and safety.


The information, instruction and training (and the timing of that training) must also be commensurate with the risk to health and safety concerned. Training is essential if manual handling risks cannot be eliminated



General training in Manual Handling

This Manual Handling Training Course provides general training in the risk management of manual handling. It is delivered by suitably qualified and experienced trainers.


General training in manual handling is designed to:

*       prevent manual handling injuries through risk identification, risk assessment and primary control through job and task design

*       increase awareness and understanding of the complex nature of manual handling activities

*       teach safe manual handling techniques.


This training should be provided to workers involved in manual handling, and also to the managers and supervisors of these workers, worker representatives, and staff responsible for work organisation, job and task design.


Course Duration: 3 - 4 hours   (general course plus any industry specific training )


Course Outline:

Topic 1               Introduction to Manual Handling

Topic 2               NSW Legislation and Code of Practice

Topic 3               The Human Body and Manual Handling

Topic 4               Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Topic 5               Risk Control Measures

Topic 6               Communication and Manual Handling

                      Use of Mechanical and Other Aids 

Course cost

*       Quote provided on request for group bookings

*       Payment options are by Cheque, Cash, Eftpos, MC, Amex, Diners, Visa Card or by invoice to approved accounts.


*       Successful participants will receive a Certificate in OHS Manual Handling


*       Training methods place an emphasis on group discussion, group exercises and the interaction of course participants.


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